Josephine Jordan was my great, great, grandmother. She lived the life of a common farm wife in northern Maine. She kept a line a-day diary. I have her complete diaries from 1892 to 1898. You can learn more about Josephine, her diaries, and some historical perspective by going back to the first installment of this series.

Your questions, insights, or comments about this month's diary entries are welcomed.


--Frid, July 1
Went down town. Did not stay long. Blanche baked.

--Sat, July 2
Gertie and I picked strawberries most all day.

--Sund, July 3
Raining most all day. Did not many of us go to church.

--Mond, July 4
Blanche, Gertie, and her father went down town. Boys went in the afternoon.

--Tues, July 5
Gloomy, oh how gloomy. Eva Kates came to see Gertie.

--Wed, July 6
Very fine, but oh how I feel. God help me to be faithful.

--Thurs, July 7
Very pleasant. Eva K. just gone home with Frank & Gertie.

--Frid, July 8
Started early this morning for the Fort. Got some things I needed so much, for which I am very thankful.

[Note: "the Fort" is the town of Fort Fairfield, Maine]

--Sat, July 9
Made Frank a shirt today. Feel quite well.

--Sund, July 10
All went to church but Laurie and his father. Heard Elder Young.

--Mond, July 11
Made a shirt for Laurie today.

--Tues, July 12
Am going to make a carpet. Walked down to Mr. V.

--Wed, July 13
Walked too far yesterday. Knee very lame today.

--Thurs, July 14
Feel better, thank the good Lord. Will try to be more careful.

--Frid, July 15
Put down ten quarts of strawberries. Feel quite well.

--Sat, June 16
Finished some sewing for Husband.

--Sund, June 17
All went to church but Laurie and his father. Husband and I went in the afternoon. Heard Elder Young.

--Mond, July 18
Went down town and came home in the rain

--Tues, July 19
Feel quite smart. How good the Lord is.

--Wed, July 20
Picked & put down two qts of strawberries.

--Thurs, July 21
Picked berries and sowed today.

--Frid, July 22
Quite fine. Had green peas for dinner.

--Sat, July 23
Men put fifteen loads of hay in the barn after dinner.

--Sund, July 24
All went to church but husband and Laurie.

--Mond, July 25
Finished a dress for Gertie. Men put in one load of hay.

--Tues, July 26
We washed. Men put in eight loads of hay.

--Wed, July 27
Men put in seven loads of hay.

--Thurs, July 28
Went to Baptist circle at Emma A. Had a nice time. Men got in three loads of hay. Hubby got a fall.

--Frid, July 29
Dear little Gertie is ten years old today. God bless my child. May she give her little heart to the Savior. Men got in two loads of hay.

--Sat, July 30
Do not feel very well today.

--Sund, July 31
None of us went to church but Frank.


Lisa J said...

Here I have several thoughts:

1. Frank consistently went to church. Apparently, his mother's prayers for his life were effective. Frank's son Earl brought his family to church weekly, and many of Earl's children continue to serve the Lord today. I can name 3 that have been missionaries, 1 that married a preacher's son, and the most of the other 8 children Earl had (yes, there were 12, then adopted 1 more), were in the ministry or loving Jesus.

2. It saddens me to see that as of yet, Dear Josephine's husband, Cyrus, had only attended church once in the 6 months that we have read. "All went to church but Laurie and his father. Husband and I went in
the afternoon. Heard Elder Young. " I imagine that means that Husband went to church. I do wonder what prevented h im from doing so.

Unknown said...

I find it interesting, her accounts of canning. She says she "put down" such and such. I always refer to my canning as "putting up".

Isobe Ltin said...

I imagine that means that Husband went to church.
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