Josephine Jordan was my great, great, grandmother. She lived the life of a common farm wife in northern Maine. She kept a line a-day diary. I have her complete diaries from 1892 to 1898. You can learn more about Josephine, her diaries, and some historical perspective by going back to the first installment of this series.

Your questions, insights, or comments about this month's diary entries are welcomed.


--Mond, August 1
Men got in two loads of hay.

--Tues, August 2
Very fine. Men got two loads of hay in. A girl here selling Dry goods staid to dinner.

--Wed, August 3
Got in three loads of hay. Went to Mrs. Mc Lishe's.

--Thurs, August 4
Had a man to help mow. They put in three loads of hay.

--Frid, August 5
Put in five loads of hay. Blanche and I went down town.

--Sat, August 6
Hubby, Gertie and I went to Mrs. Wallace's. Came home in the rain.

--Sund, August 7
Heard Elder Foster preach in the afternoon.

--Mond, August 8
Blanche and her father went down town.

--Tues, August 9
Quite raining. Busy about my work.

--Wed, August 10
Dear Frank 19 years old today. Hope he may have many happy returns & above all give his heart to the Lord is the prayer of his mother.

--Thurs, August 11
Got some groceries. Hubby & Frank to the pasture.

--Frid, August 12
Am very busy. Fried doughnuts.

--Sat, August 13
Still raining. Baking for Sunday. Bless the Lord.

--Sund, August 14
Blanche & Frank gone to church. Hubby and I went in the afternoon to M. meeting.

--Mond, August 15
Went down town on business.

--Tues, August 16
Blanche has gone to circle to Mrs. Robinson's.

--Wed, August 17
Frank has gone to Baptist picnic.

--Thurs, August 18
Men put in two loads of oats. Nice and fine.

--Frid, August 19
Quite fine but looking like rain. All well.

--Sat, August 20
Had a dreadful storm last night. Thundered, lightened & rained. A young man was here. Came in out of the storm. The good Lord kept us from harm.

--Sund, August 21
Don't feel very happy. Wish my children were good.

--Mond, August 22
Frank is away for a few days.

--Tues, August 23
Am working on my dress as fast as I can.

--Wed, August 24
Feel sad about my children. Hope they'll be better.

--Thurs, August 25
Blanche invited to a class reception at Prof. Knowlton's. B. Mitchel & wife are here.

--Frid, August 26
Hubby & boys put in a culvert. Mr. & Mrs. Mitchel here.

--Sat, August 27
Went down town and got some groceries.

--Sund, August 28
None of us went to church but Frank.

--Mond, August 29
Very fine. Men are ploughing.

--Tues, August 30
Went to Association and stayed all day.

--Wed, August 31
Feel tired. Guess it don't agree with me to go to association. We had lovely sermons


icebear said...

i have to wonder what the children did. lol Maybe Frank misbehaved at the picnic?

Isobe Ltin said...

The good Lord kept us from harm.
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